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Senior Research Scientist

Jim Mintz, Ph.D.


Dr. Jim Mintz, Professor in UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry, has been a clinical research methodologist for over 35 years. He received a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1969 at NYU under the mentorship of Jacob (“Jack”) Cohen. During the next decade at University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Psychiatry he established an international reputation as a psychotherapy and substance abuse researcher. Dr. Mintz moved to UCLA in 1979, and for almost two decades headed the Methodology and Statistical Support Unit in the UCLA Center for the Study of Psychosis. Since 2000 he has been Director of the Biostatistics Core at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute (now the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior). Dr. Mintz is also Director of the Data and Statistics Unit of the VISN22 VA Mental Illness, Research, Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC), the Data Management & Statistics Unit of UCLA’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (Department of Neurology), the Data & Statistics Core of UCLA’s Center for Neurocognition and Emotion in Schizophrenia (TRCBS), and data/statistical units for several large, multi-site collaborative studies including the nine-site Consortium on Genetics of Endophenotypes in Schizophrenia (COGS), the seven-site international Stanley Foundation Bipolar Research Network, and the eight-site Prevention of Relapse with Long-Acting Psychotics (PRELAAPS) project. He was President of the international Society for Psychotherapy Research in 1985. Dr. Mintz served on two NIMH review committees. He has published more than 265 papers in peer-reviewed journals diverse areas of psychiatry.

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