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Generally, it could waste a lot of paperwork and communication time to manage thousands of scheduling for patients, rooms, equipments, and technicians. To improve your organization's scheduling process isn’t as hard as you might think. By using SIStat’s Administrative Systems, it can hugely enhance your performance, such as eliminating double-bookings; automate attendee invitations, equipment reservations. And enable meeting schedulers to instantly find the right room available for some patients at the right time by a specific technician or doctor automatically.

SIStat offers industry leading security and performance for remote administration.
Our Administrative Systems provides a major leap forward in creative administration with improved patient, staff, and room scheduling control and greater integration with Smart Entry System, allow you to output real time Patient Report Forms (PRF).

Our Administrative Systems is composed of following sub-systems:

Participant Records Manager
Assessment Scheduler
Therapist/Administrator Scheduler
Room Scheduler
User Information Manage


Increased productivity

Increased productivity for everyone in your organization by eliminating double-booked rooms and schedule conflicts.

Reduced scheduling time
Reduced scheduling time as Administrative Systems fully automates the entire scheduling process. Instantly view the rooms and resources in all your locations, reserve rooms and resources with just a few mouse clicks.

Simplified meeting planning process
Simplified meeting planning process for everyone in your organization; allow staff to quickly reserve a room, any equipment or room, and then notify meeting attendees and service providers –all within a one minute process!

Managed resource scheduling
Managed resource scheduling with our Administrative System’s unified scheduling process. Give your entire organization room and resource schedule visibility, all the while maintaining full control of the process.


Secured Access Control

Efficient Patient Scheduling Management

Flexible Room Reservation Support

Smart Study Monitoring

One-click minute Call Reminder

Easy Publication Management
Publication Management System provides a smart way to manage, store, and print publications.

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