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In biostatistics and clinical research, proper results and inferences are based on accurate data received from patients. With SIStat’s Patient Assessment Solutions, accurate data is received through comprehensive pathology questionnaires offered within a patient friendly environment.

Patient Assessment Solutions enable the user to build easy to use and self-served assessment tools for data collection and accurate assessment. Our state of the art Patient Assessment System is a unified design environment that delivers the next level of integration in patient assessment software. Key features and the report generator simplify data collection and analysis tasks enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively.


Unwavering Security

Information is stored on our network servers protected behind enterprise-class firewalls and transmitted by our 128-bit SSL encryption. Unauthorized access to your data is virtually impossible.

Pressure Free Environment for Patient
Patients are able to input data and answer questions by themselves minimizing interpersonal pressure sometimes felt when facing doctors and assessors.

Self-Serve Technology at Anytime & Anywhere
Patients can self-assess by using the internet where available saving time for both patients and assessors.

Ease of Use – Patient-Friendly User Interface
The system is designed to be easy for patients to operate through enlarged-font graphical text and audio-speaking guidance technology.

Cost Effective
A system that is specific to your needs can be created without the need for expensive hardware installation or software downloads. With our services, you will get a sophisticated data entry system for a fraction of the cost.


Secured Access Control

Security is our greatest concern. We provide the following services to secure your system:

Authentication and Authorization Control when logging into the system.
Individual Password for each user.
Multiple Level Member Access Control.
Strong Password Requirements.
Auto Timeout Log-Off Mechanism.
128 bits SSL Data Encryption on Internet Transmission.
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Protection.
Invulnerability from SQL-Injection.

Friendly Audio Guidance
Your prerecorded message will lead users to clearly understand questions and input answers patiently and correctly.

Full Screen Display
The full screen design helps the user focus on the current question only, limiting distractions when other data or information is present on the screen.

Compatible with Touch Screen and Kiosk
The system can be integrated with touch screen technology and built as a kiosk computer station. Computer stations can be established in a public area of the hospital for patient use.

Smart Assessment Report
The system generates assessment reports for further analysis and statistical use.

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