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The Semel Institute Biostatistics Core (SIStat) is a team of expert biostatisticians, methodologists and research support staff. The mission of the Core is to foster research productivity and quality by helping faculty design sound research projects, obtain independent funding, and analyze data correctly. Grant development services such as design and statistical consultation, power analysis, and analyses of pilot data are available to Semel Institute and all UCLA faculty without charge.

Continuing Core services to funded projects and programs are negotiated on a case by case basis. The Core provides investigators from fully-affiliated projects and their statistical staff access to SIStat consultation, data analysis and programming services, up to one year post-funding support for final, "clean-up" data analyses, and permanent archiving of data. SIStat also offers fee-based consulting and data analysis to Semel Institute and all UCLA faculty. From time to time, faculty of the Core also provides education in statistics and research methods to interested faculty, staff and students.

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To excel in the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical research and quantitative analysis in health sciences.
A comprehensive administrative system that that efficiently manage patient's scheduling, room reservation, staff availability and more.
An easy-to-use and self-served assessment tool help you collect and determine the patient's assessments more efficiently.
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